An Interview With #FSCollective Beauty Panellist Kemi Akinboyewa!

We caught up with #FSCollective beauty panellist, blogger-extraordinaire and hard-working female boss Kemi Akinboyewa, aka @_skylish, to get the low-down on the highs and lows of the blogging world..

What made you want to work with Flawless Shades as part of their #FSCollective beauty panel?

I really like the ethos of the brand. Personally, as a dark skinned girl, I've found it hard in the past to find products suit my skin colour without having to opt for something higher end. So it's definitely nice to have a variety of options all in one place.

How did you first get into beauty / style blogging?

It actually all started when I was around 13 years old and I made the *bold* decision that I wanted to start putting effort into my appearance. At the time I thought all I needed to do was cut myself a front fringe, so I googled how to do this and I discovered the world of YouTube. I was already webdesigner/coder so I'd been 'online' for some time and over this time started watching a few of the early YouTubers. I sort of dipped in and out of beauty/style blogging for a while and started to take it seriously back in 2015 which is what I mark as the more 'official' birth of as a style/beauty blog.

What do you do when you’re not blogging? 

When not blogging I actually spend most of my time in an office. I work in an Investment Bank and have done so for just over a year now and it's definitely the fast paced/intense job I was expecting, but I like it as it's character building. Otherwise, I've gained a love for fitness recently and actually as I'm writing this I've just come back from the gym. It's those endorphins - they're addictive!

Where do you draw your inspiration from to keep making great content?

Hmm, probably other blogs I read. I spend a lot of time reading other blogs, watching YouTube videos - great creatives inspire me. Also, I'm inspired by talented and successful business people; just yesterday my boyfriend and I spent the night in watching a Steve Jobs documentary - watching stories like this give me the kick to keep creating content.

What do you feel is the biggest positive about being a blogger?

I think the biggest positive has to just be having my own platform. It's such a great release and I enjoying building up my platform and my brand.

Online blogging, especially involving Instagram, looks outwardly very glamorous - are there any downsides to being a blogger?

I would say there definitely are a few. Sometimes it's quite superficial, at times it's all about the holidays and the designer bags, also, it's easy to get priorities skewed e.g.: focus too much on the Instagram follower count and less on the quality content. Overall, it's just important to keep your priorities straight, as the positives of blogging definitely outweigh the negatives.

Who is your biggest beauty / style icon?

It has to be Rihanna, because when she wears something, it automatically looks banging.

Is there anything that you feel is lacking in the beauty industry?

Definitely representation. Although things are getting better. But I mean it's still not very often that I am able to just walk around and see many beauty/fashion adverts featuring girls that look like me.

What was your favourite product from your first Flawless Shades haul?

I'll go for the ColorBlend foundation, as I'm an absolute sucker for a dewy foundation.

What beauty product can you not live without?

Foundation - provides the perfect base!

What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger trying to build a following?

Keep at it and persevere! Your passion should carry you through more than the number count or the free stuff.

Check out more of Kemi's amazing life, style and beauty advice on her website!

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