Let's chat with Labelle Makeup...

Where did the inspiration for Labelle Makeup come from?

Labelle Makeup was developed to create on-trend and desirable beauty products for beauty lovers based in the UK. Labelle Makeup began as an online retailer stocking American beauty products in demand, but not available to order in the UK. It became impossible to keep up with affordable prices due to high Import costs, which lead to a strategy overhaul and the birth of our own store branded products to enable our customers gain access to quality products at affordable prices.

What makes Labelle Makeup different from other makeup brands?

 We are passion driven and pride ourselves in the ability to connect with our customers by having an interactive relationship with them.

 Your  products are cruelty-free.  Is this an issue close to your hearts?

 Our products are cruelty free as we do not test on animals. We are also working on moving more towards ‘clean beauty’ as we grow, as this we feel will make customers more comfortable using our products.

 Describe the Labelle Makeup brand in 3 words...

 Young, fun and fresh

 What looks/colours are going to be hot for the Summer?

 For summer, we see yellow and pink being hot as well as blue which seems to be trending as more people are embracing it in creating eye makeup looks.

 What’s your best-selling product?

 Our best-selling product to date is our matte lipcream in WILDCHILD

Labelle Makeup Matte Lipcream

 What was it that appealed to you about partnering with Flawless Shades?

 Flawless Shades' passion for change in the beauty industry for WOC and their dedication to making a success of it.

 Any tips for other up and coming makeup brands?

The beauty industry is a fast paced multi- billion dollar industry and can get a little overwhelming at times. The trick is to stay true to your passion, allow yourself to learn as you go along, never be in a hurry as you may miss some valuable lessons and lastly, it’s ok to start small. Starting small gives you enough time to learn from your mistakes, improve on product offerings, study the trends in the market and all these are vital for the growth for your business.






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