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Makeup Addiction Cosmetics ‘Arctic White Pro’ Face Set



The 'Arctic White Pro' face set is specifically designed to get your face cat walk ready.

Set includes 7 brushes:

Master Chiseler - A short dense brush designed to create a sharp and well defined contour on the cheek bones.

Jumbo powder - This extra large rounded brush is used for the flawless application of powder all over the face and body.

Precision Highlighter - A precise tip domed brush which is specially designed to apply highlighter to the highest points of the face for a subtle glow. It can also be used for setting under eye concealer.

Small Duo Fibre - A long blend of textures ideal for creating a soft well blended effect on the skin, ideal for applying blush.

Short Duo Fibre - A short blend of textures ideal for creating a soft airbrushed effect, perfect for the precise application of foundation, cream and powder

Stippler - This large duo fibre brush is perfect for stippling liquid and powder products for a flawless airbrushed and sheer finish.

Classic painter - A flat brush ideal to create a flawless base using primer and controlled application of foundation and concealer.

Some brushes feature synthetic fibres whilst other are made of natural hair.


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